The world of media is something that is constantly evolving. To thrive in this dynamic environment, businesses need a media agency that can build complete media solutions.
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Unleashing the Power of Demand Focused Planning
Unlock success with Demand Focused Planning. Create and Capture Demand with Assembled Media. Discover how our balanced approach maximizes media effectiveness and achieves the perfect equilibrium between reach, relevance, recency, and retention.
Assembled Media Appoints Alex James As Head Of Social
Data-led media agency Assembled Media has appointed Alex James as Head of Social to help brands build deeper connected relationships with their customers.
Are you Thready?
Threads, a new app by Instagram, has launched into app stores on Thursday morning in the US, UK, Australia, and over 100 other countries.
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Better data in, better data out
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The journey is as important as the destination
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As a member of the Assembled Group, we don’t have to pretend to be full service. When required, we collaborate with other specialist agencies within our network to drive breakthroughs in performance for our clients.